New Storage

Last week I purchased some plastic drawers to keep the books I need for the my classes near my piano. There is a large bookcase in the back of the room, but I don’t like going back there during a class. The books were in a plastic tub last year but I never could find the book I needed quickly. Hopefully with the books sorted in drawers, it may help. Surely, this will be much better!

Some of the books pictured below are new this year. The jazz books are actually from our school’s social studies series. The classroom teachers asked if I might need them. Yes, score! The classrooms also have a new reading series this year, so I was given a big book of songs for first grade. They are piggyback songs that go along with the stories. Pete the Cat has a new book out, but there is something missing–actually someone. Mr. Eric (Eric Litwin) is not the author of this book. It sort of loses the magic of the other four books (I also have a Christmas book that is tucked away until Christmas). After searching on book review sites, I found disturbing news that Mr. Eric and the illustrator, James Dean, have parted ways. There will not be anymore books by this fabulous duo. James Dean is pairing with his wife to write the books. I’m a little bit sad. Hopefully, this is just a temporary scheduling decision, and it’s not permanent!

Checkout the rest of the pictures on my Flickr site!

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