Lady Liberty

Lady Liberty
A teacher sent me this picture this week. Be sure to click on the photo to see it full size. It is great! The photo was taken in 1918 in Iowa at Camp Dodge.



Base to Shoulder–150 feet

Right Arm–340 feet

Widest Part of Arm Holding Torch–12 1/2 feet

Right Thumb–35 feet

Thickest Part of Body–29 feet

Left Hand Length–30 feet

Face–60 feet

Nose–21 feet

Longest Spike of Head Piece–70 feet

Torch and Flame Combines–980 feet

Number of Men in Flame of Torch–12,000

Number of Men in Torch–2,800

Number of Men in Right Art–1,200

Number of Men in Body, Head and Balance of Figure Only–2,000

Total Men–18,000

I just love this photo! It must have taken forever to figure out the logistics of this photo session.

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