New Storage

Last week I purchased some plastic drawers to keep the books I need for the my classes near my piano. There is a large bookcase in the back of the room, but I don’t like going back there during a class. The books were in a plastic tub last year but I never could find the book I needed quickly. Hopefully with the books sorted in drawers, it may help. Surely, this will be much better!

Some of the books pictured below are new this year. The jazz books are actually from our school’s social studies series. The classroom teachers asked if I might need them. Yes, score! The classrooms also have a new reading series this year, so I was given a big book of songs for first grade. They are piggyback songs that go along with the stories. Pete the Cat has a new book out, but there is something missing–actually someone. Mr. Eric (Eric Litwin) is not the author of this book. It sort of loses the magic of the other four books (I also have a Christmas book that is tucked away until Christmas). After searching on book review sites, I found disturbing news that Mr. Eric and the illustrator, James Dean, have parted ways. There will not be anymore books by this fabulous duo. James Dean is pairing with his wife to write the books. I’m a little bit sad. Hopefully, this is just a temporary scheduling decision, and it’s not permanent!

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Real Life Pipe Dream

My students love Animusic, and I posted about it in 2007 (see this link). Now Intel has created a real life version of Pipe Dream. What a great marriage of science, technology, and music! It was created in only 90 days too, which is really mind-boggling.


If you haven’t join the Pinterest craze, did you know that you can just look without becoming a member? Just click on the red link on the left. If you find something that interests you, you can either break down and make a board or simply bookmark the link on your computer. I have almost 12,000 pins, so I am more than a little addicted. The thing I like the most about Pinterest is the plethora of creative ideas. I have hunted music blogs in the past on Google but had very little luck. After just a few searches on Pinterest, I have dozens of them bookmarked. The thing I don’t like about it is that it can’t be organized. I have trouble finding the pins when I’m looking quickly for something.

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2013 My Classroom

After a rough start, my classes are finally on a roll–and I am not! That means the wheelchair has been returned, so I’m moving a little quicker. I can stand up now a bit too which means I can get my posters up. My walls are now almost finished. The only thing I have left is my Word Wall. I’ll have to do that in sections because I fill a whole side of the room with music terminology.

Even with a broken ankle, I was able to make some new stuff this year. Last Spring I had help moving the big TV on top of a large cart. This left some blank space on the back of the Clavinova to fill. I decided to make a bulletin board out of Styrofoam insulation. I cut the pieces and covered them with orange material. I had enough to make a second one above my instrument storage area. I also have enough to make another one above my computer but ran out of material. At the end of school last year, I made some Beat Blocks out of large lego blocks. The kids wanted to play with them, so I know they’ll really come in handy. After seeing many Pinterest posts, I decided to make my own version of the saying, “Music is a Language the Whole World Speaks.” I used DJ Inkers great CD to make the letter-size prints. I have a bunch of graphics from DJ Inkers, but I think it was through pcCrafters. My other boards were heavily influenced by Cara of Miscellaneous Me. I love her downloads! The last big change was to my bucket seats. Last year I had them upside down. This year I purchased lids which means the class can’t easily stack them now. We have enough room to slide them back that it shouldn’t matter. The plastic ruffle from last year didn’t make it through a whole year, and the noise and dirt really annoyed me so I decided to make cloth ruffles. I use four colors to help divide the class quickly into parts for singing or playing instruments.

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Here’s to another start of a great year! (I say knocking on wood) Check out the pictures from my room!