This Flag We Fly

The NDE students have been working on Veterans Day since the beginning of the school year. “This Flag We Fly” is a new song for us this year, and it has quickly become a favorite. What a beautiful song from MUSIC K-8! I really appreciate the songs in this wonderful magazine by Plank Road Publishing. This video features my Fifth Grade students.

Gratitude Attitude

Every year I feature the First Grade in a video for our Veterans Day Program. I’ve done this now since 2005. This year’s song is an adaptation of the song “Gratitude Attitude.” We changed the words to reflect our pride in American servicemen and women. A dozen or more students taped lines about their own family Veteran. The first and second grades are singing in the video.

Thank a Vet (Take 2)

Last year NDES students sang a different version of “Thank a Vet,” a Plank Road Publishing song. I wanted a more upbeat song for the First Grade, so I arranged a bluegrass version. The students loved the song though, so I decided to try it again this year, in the more traditional version. The Third and Fourth Grades sing in this video.

Missing My Father

I have been absent from school for several weeks due to the death of my father. He will be greatly missed. This is a video I made of my parents, my sister, and I, featuring the song “Daddy’s Hands.” Here’s hoping the beginning of next school year will be better!