Sick Teacher

Hello, NDE Grades 4-6,
I’m sick today, but that doesn’t mean we can’t review the lines and the spaces of the Treble Clef. Please, first go to this link:

Once you think you know the names of the notes, take the quiz. You must get 90% before you can go on to your teacher-approved website. Please, make sure to SHOW THE SUB your score. If you get less than 90%, you must go back and fix your answers until you get the 90%.
HERE’S THE QUIZ. Simply fill in the blanks, then push the button at the bottom to check your answers. It will tell you your percentage and leave the incorrect answers to fix.

If you were unlucky with your laptop so have none today, then take your paper and write 50 times:
The Treble Clef lines = Every Good Boy Does Fine, and the spaces spell FACE.

Have a great day!