Winter Wonderland

Sometimes the weather forecasters don’t get it right. This time wasn’t one. My teacher friends were buzzing about the possibility of the large amount of snow predicted for Monday night. A student’s father, a State Trooper, said it was guaranteed. That night I went to dinner at the home of a lady from church. By the time I left it had already started coming down in buckets. I wasn’t too surprised that school was canceled. There was more coming on Tuesday though, so school was also canceled on Wednesday, and we knew before 1 PM on Tuesday. I woke up to the sounds of people trying to get out of our parking lot. We have a slight incline, and a couple of cars tried but failed. Around 10 AM the plows came, dumping a bunch of snow behind all the cars. The nice man next door actually shoveled my snow on my porch and around my car. What a nice neighbor! My back porch has almost 10″ on it, but in some places the news said my town had 13″ or more. My school got at least 8″ so we may not be going back to work tomorrow. Good thing I made some soup yesterday. The news just said that it was the biggest storm in 13 years, but only half the size of the whopper snowfall of 1978.