Spring Mill State Park

Back in May I read somewhere in the news that Spring Mill State Park, a wonderful historical park in Indiana, was going to have a Civil War Festival. It was over Memorial Day, and the Civil War reenactors were going to be camping as Yankee and Rebel soldiers. Some local performers were going to do Civil War period dances as well. It sounded like a great photo opportunity for me. I hadn’t been to Spring Mill in a while, so I decided to stop by while on a trip back to my hometown, Shoals. I managed to get quite a few great shots because it had just rained, and everything looked fresh and green. The workers at the park do a great job maintaining it–it looked just as good as I remembered it and better. They had added another building and a garden and had updated the restrooms. I especially enjoyed all the people who were dressed in authentic clothes. The musicians were wonderful! The actors were very generous and very informative, and I snapped away happily. If you would like to see the photos, click the thumbnails below.