Hairspray Is Coming!

hairspray2I absolutely love the musical Hairspray. It’s the only show I saw when I chaperoned a group of high school seniors on a trip to New York a year and a half ago. I LOVED it but was almost depressed because our tour bus got lost and we came really close to not making the cut off time for getting inside. We did miss the opening two songs though! The music is great, and it’s so funny. It’s about bigotry (racism and against big people). Our audience in NY screamed like they were at a rock concert. I have the soundtrack and bought the sheet music too, but my daughter nabbed that and now she’s working on a piece from it in her music lessons. When the touring group came to Bloomington this year, I had to go see it again with her. This time I was in control of getting us there, and we were early! I’ve seen many touring shows: Cats, Les Miserable, Sound of Music, Music Man, Jesus Christ Superstar, 42nd Street, and Phantom of the Opera to name a few. The Phantom was my favorite up ’til I saw Hairspray, so can you tell, I’m anxious to see the movie coming out in July!

This movie is not a remake of the John Waters movie of 1988. That one had Ricki Lake in it and didn’t have any songs. This is a take on the broadway show that’s been out for a few years. When I saw it in NY, Diana Degarmo from American Idol was the nerdy girl, Penny. That role cracks me up. In the movie it is going to be played by Amanda Bynes. I just saw her the other day in the movie She’s the Man. She is quite a character and should be great in that role. The big shocker though is John Travolta in drag. The role of Edna, Tracy’s mother, has always been played by a guy in drag, and that’s what makes it so funny. Seeing John Travolta in a dress should be hysterical, especaially after all those leading man roles he’s done. I am a BIG John Travolta fan way back from his Welcome Back, Kotter days, so I am looking forward to seeing him in this movie a lot. It also has Christopher Walken, Queen Latifah, and Michelle Pfeiffer (glad to see her back in movies).

Here is a trailer!

Play That Fun Key Music

The Have you ever wanted to play the piano? I’ve been playing for over 40 years, but it’s never too late to start! If you’ve always wantdd to learn, did you know that there are free online lessons? There is even a virtual piano that you can practice on. Granted, it is small and has only one octave, but you can use your computer keyboard to play it and even play two notes at a time (great for playing chopsticks)! Click the image below to play. Here’s what it looks like:


Here are some good links to learn to play the piano (FREE):

Piano Nanny

Go Piano

Now if you’re just terribly disappointed because you thought my post was going to be about that great ’70′s song by Wild Cherry, click the YouTube link below and boogie down!

Have a Tune Stuck In Your Head?

It happens to me all the time. I’ll have this tune swimming around in my head. Sometimes I can’t think of the name of the song or perhaps even where I’ve heard it. Before my appendix ruptured in the summer of 2003 I kept whistling and humming a tune over and over. It took me a while to figure out it was the hymn “God Will Take Care of You.” It would have been nice to have had this handy little search at Musipedia. You can enter a contour, the pitches, the rhythm, or even try to sing or hum to search for a tune. I tried the contour search today, but the hymn didn’t pop up as there weren’t enough samples provided. I did get several good results for pop and classical tunes. Here is an example of one I did for “Michael ,Row the Bow A Shore.” The first note of the tune is represented as an asterisk. If the second note goes up, you type “U,” if it repeats the pitch type “R,” and if it goes down you of course type “D.” So my string of pitches looked like this:


The search results brought up several songs but listed “Michael, Row…” as the first choice. It’s a pretty good site, especially if you are haunted by tunes as much as I am!