6th Grade Keyboards

The Sixth Grade General Music classes were again the accompaniment players for the Sixth Grade Choir performance during Awards Day. For one class only of four different GM classes, we recorded the audio first. Each class was responsible for learning one part of the song “Home” by Phillip Phillips. For instance, one class learned the melody of the refrain, while another class learned the chords. Two other classes learned the chords of the verses, and a few brave students learned how to play the Clavinova with the bass and percussion sounds (unfortunately, I forgot to videotape that). After we recorded the audio, then I recorded them playing as video. I mixed the music altogether in Sony Acid Music Studio, then matched the video to the audio in Sony Video Studio. The added animations were by Digital Juice. Don’t be scared off by the price of DJ media. Sign up for their newsletters as they have sales every week. All their audio, video, and graphics are Copyright free. You can even use their stuff in commercial projects!

There are not too many chords in this song: mainly C, Csus4, am, F, and G. It’s very easy to learn in root position, but I wish we would have had time to learn the inversions which sit under the hand better. Hope you enjoy our chords and can at least hum the tune to “Home.”

Play That Fun Key Music

The Have you ever wanted to play the piano? I’ve been playing for over 40 years, but it’s never too late to start! If you’ve always wantdd to learn, did you know that there are free online lessons? There is even a virtual piano that you can practice on. Granted, it is small and has only one octave, but you can use your computer keyboard to play it and even play two notes at a time (great for playing chopsticks)! Click the image below to play. Here’s what it looks like:


Here are some good links to learn to play the piano (FREE):

Piano Nanny

Go Piano

Now if you’re just terribly disappointed because you thought my post was going to be about that great ’70′s song by Wild Cherry, click the YouTube link below and boogie down!