2017-2018 NDES Concert Dates

To see the concert dates at North Daviess Elementary School, please, click the 6th link on the left under the title, McAtee Music. The Veterans Day program is held at the high school, but all other programs are held in the North Daviess Elementary Gymnasium. Notes for each grade participating will be sent home before each concert. In addition to the listed concerts, the NDES Choir sings carols for the school as well as an appearance at the Spirit in the Park Christmas Festival at Odon, usually the first week of December. Please, join us! Mrs. Simone will also display art work by her art students in the NDES Cafeteria!

2016 Nutcracker Photos

The Christmas program for the 2016-2017 year was “THE NUTCRACKER.” The first and fourth grades of NDES performed. It was a lot of fun! This is the only musical for elementary students that I come back to over and over again. The first time I did it, my oldest daughter was in the 4th grade, which would be approximately 1992! I have all my printed programs from every concert I have done at North Daviess, so I should go back and look to see exactly how many times we performed this show! The Chinese costumes are some of the old tunics I made for a Beatles number when I taught high school, which would date them before 1991. The band uniforms I got from Washington Catholic. They were pitching them, and we were doing the show, THE MUSIC MAN. That was 1982! I’m such a pack rat!

2014 Veterans Day

We tried something new this year. Actually two somethings. First we danced to a song choreographed by John Jacobson. The little ones really loved it–the bigger ones, not so much, but they did it. Sixth Grade students are always so worried about how they will be perceived by the High Schoolers. The second thing that we tried was making a giant flag. I had my fingers crossed. It made me more than a little nervous as I spent a lot of time mapping it out, assigning shirt colors, and explaining it. We always go to the high school in October for the Battle of the Buildiings (a fund-raising event by the student council to benefit Camp About Face). This year I took pictures of every row, every section, and mapped the students’ seating positions. Then I color coded the map and told the teachers what colors for every student. It worked out pretty well. I didn’t get a photo of us singing (standing, with the 50 stars all held up) as I was busy directing. Someday I hope to see a video of it!


We sang four songs: “You’re a Grand Ol’ Flag” (our standard), “Eleven Eleven” (featuring our 1st grade–if I can get the audio recordings merged into the video, I’ll add it), “Our Red, White, and Blue” (one of the prettiest songs ever), and “This Is My Country” (not the traditional one but a new version by Music Express). Here are two of the videos:


This Flag We Fly

The NDE students have been working on Veterans Day since the beginning of the school year. “This Flag We Fly” is a new song for us this year, and it has quickly become a favorite. What a beautiful song from MUSIC K-8! I really appreciate the songs in this wonderful magazine by Plank Road Publishing. This video features my Fifth Grade students.

Gratitude Attitude

Every year I feature the First Grade in a video for our Veterans Day Program. I’ve done this now since 2005. This year’s song is an adaptation of the song “Gratitude Attitude.” We changed the words to reflect our pride in American servicemen and women. A dozen or more students taped lines about their own family Veteran. The first and second grades are singing in the video.

2011 First Grade Christmas Program

I found this video online of our Christmas Program by the First Grade. The Fourth Grade performed on the same night, but I haven’t found a video of theirs. I did have my video running but I’m not sure how it turned out yet as no one was manning it. The first graders are sooooo cute! Enjoyed their little songs, a lot from Plank Road Publishing, a wonderful music company.

2010 Nutcracker Christmas Program

One of the very few programs that I have repeated in all of my 32-plus years of teaching is The Nutcracker. It is so much fun! I can still remember doing it at the old buildings–Odon, Plainville, and Elnora. The melodies are timeless, and this little musical is so lovely. I know it really is a ballet, but the music is so familiar now due to its use in holiday movies and commercials. It doesn’t feel out of place to sing it. I know the students love it. Every year I’m asked if we are doing The Nutcracker! Sorry, kiddos. We really should wait a few years in between. Here are some pictures from this year’s edition. I didn’t take these pictures–thanks Angie! I’m always appreciative of music program pictures, so if you have any, please, email me some!