an imageWelcome to the websites of This site represents many years of research on the history of the Sherfick, Wade, Williams, Hutton, Freeman, Barr, and McAtee families. I hope that you can find something on my site that will prove useful to your own family history search. It also includes the home of my teaching resources and ideas, with over thirty years of experience teaching music in the same corporation.

If you are new to the site, you may likely want to start by perusing the links below. If you are looking for Genealogy information, check out Cyndy's Genealogy Pages, the Family Blog Keys to My Heart, or even the Family Gallery. If you are wanting ideas for your music classroom, the dates of the next North Daviess Elementary Music Program, or even some cool kids' links of music activities, head to the Mrs. McAtee's Music Classroom website.

Perhaps you have seen some of my videos from YouTube, they have over a million views so far, and their link is posted as well below. There are also pictures from our beautiful, rustic countryside, including the counties of Martin County and Daviess County of Indiana. Other links will be added from time to time, so stop on back to see what's new!

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