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My mom made me a beautiful, hand-quilted and embroidered quilt featuring flowers of the 50 US States. She has been working on it since I went to college. Well, not the entire time, but here and there. She’d work on it a while and then put it away. When my daughter Carrie was young, she started it again, and Carrie helped embroider one of the states; then she put it away again. In the meantime, she made a few machine-quilted quilts, a bear one that I hang on the wall and a moose one that is folded on my couch. This past year, she put up Grandma’s frame and started quilting again. She finished my beautiful quilt and entered it in two contests. She also has been working on another gorgeous, folksy one that is an appliqued quilt in lavendar and yellow.

I remember quilting with my grandmother, mom’s mother, when I was a kid. We would go upstairs where the frame was set up. It was really hot up there as the roof was tin. I don’t think I ever caught that bug, although I do like to sew a bit with a sewing machine. Mom has a serger and a fancy embroidery sewing machine. She made me several purses, including this one that I carry to work all the time.

If you would like to view the crafts that my mom made for my home, check out my video below. It features the quilt and some of Mom’s other crafts. Mom and Dad used to own a ceramic store with thousands of molds and several kilns. Now they only have one kiln and a few of their favorite molds. Dad pours the molds and wires the lamps that Mom makes. They also pour porcelain. Mom made dolls, sewing the entire body and the clothes and hand painting the heads. I also have a few things that she has tole painted. I wish I had half of her craftiness!

I think Grey’s Anatomy is taking over Desperate Housewives as my favorite show. I’m looking forward to the new season starting this week. The characters are just wonderful, but I will miss Burke. I just don’t know how it will be the same without him. I am anxious to see how Cristina handles herself after their breakup. My daughter has still not recovered from her breakup last November and has not dated yet, although she has had plenty of opportunities. She says it makes her sick to her stomach to think about it. Sandra Oh’s character seems like a much tougher person than my daughter though and will prabably bounce right back in a few episodes. She’s my favorite on the show, but I also love Callie, Addison, Miranda, and Dr. McSteamy, Mark Sloan. It looks like the spinoff, Private Practice, will start on Wednesday, and Grey’s Anatomy will begin on Thursday. I usually don’t like regular tv much, but this show pulled me back in. I do enjoy the reality shows too like Dancing With the Stars and American Idol. Happy watching this week!

I found one of those six-sided photo cubes at Wal-Mart tonight. I hadn’t seen those in years so I picked up a couple. I resized 6 of my layouts of the girls to 3.25 inches and printed them on a full page of photo paper. Back in the old days, I would have to dig through my photos to find some that would fit and then crop them to pieces to get the right size. I love digital as it saves my photos!

I’ve not felt very well all week. I’ve had some kind of kidney infection and have been taking antibiotic (no Dr. McSteamy in my town). It says on the label that the medicine may cause drowsiness. Well, they aren’t kidding because all I’ve wanted to do lately is sleep! My weirdo kitty has been keeping me laughing though. She does some of the craziest things. Here is a picture of her sitting in my magazine rack like she was in some kind of recliner chair. Sarah took this picture of her when she was home to visit. I sure miss her and her younger sister too. It’s a good thing that Carrie will be through college this year as it’s ridiculous what the textbooks cost! I rambled a lot tonight, but I haven’t posted in a while either. I still need to upload some pictures of the quilt Mom made me! I will try to do that soon! If you want to watch a music video from Grey’s Anatomy, “Breathe In, Breathe Out,” click below!

I’m not normally a big fan of Anime, but I was in a music store yesterday, and they were playing this crazy 3D Art with music that matched perfectly. It’s been out a couple of years, but I hadn’t heard of it before. I’ve got both DVDs reserved at my local Best Buy, so I’m going to head out soon to go get them. My students will just love them! The DVDs were crafted using special software called MIDImotion that matches the movement to exact pitches of MIDI music (musical instrument data interface, found on most electronic keyboards today). If the music is changed, the animation is regenerated effortlessly. This is just totally beyond my technology comprehension. I work with video, graphics, and MIDI music, but just can’t wrap my brain around how much work this must take. Anyway, do a search for more samples on YouTube or check out their website below. You can check out Starship Groove right here on my site too!

Link to Animusic here!